The Trailer For The Oscars: Big Effort, Little Jokes

This video perfectly captures the semi-funny nature of a Billy Crystal Oscar piece.

Billy Crystal is back to host the Oscars after Brett Ratner self-destructed, and now there's a 'teaser trailer' for his return. I was actually expecting to see this gag IN the show, so I'm happy they got it out of the way here.

Apparently Funny or Die was involved in the making of this video, so the production quality is super high, but the comedy is just mediocre. Billy Crystal and Robin Williams continue down this path of execution-dependent comedy, and their execution simply ain't there anymore. I mean 'You could have just texted me' might be funny if delivered right*, and it's not delivered right.

I will still be watching The Oscars live. And groaning along.

*probably not.