Hypothetical STAR WARS TV Show Gets A Title

If the show were ever made, we know what it would probably be called.

There has been talk about Lucasfilm doing a Star Wars TV show for YEARS now. The company has a whole bunch of scripts written - I've heard reports ranging from 50 to 100 - but haven't moved forward with the show in any meaningful way. Lucas has said that it's because the show would cost too much, and he's waiting for somebody to invent technology that would make it affordable. How about guys in masks, George?

Anyway, we've long known that the show would be about the criminal underworld of the Star Wars universe, featuring gangsters and bounty hunters and all of the stuff that really juices the 40 years who are frankly too old for this stuff. And the working title for the series 'confirms' that, I guess (even though we knew all of this in like 2009) - it's Star Wars: Underworld

That's about it. You can watch Rick McCallum talk more about the show at IGN, but this is literally the only interesting thing he had to say.

Two things occur to me:

1) Lucasfilm is approaching the show in EXACTLY THE WRONG WAY. Writing out 50 episodes before you know your cast and their strengths is silly. Serial TV is one part planning, three parts going with the flow. Characters and actors become inexplicably popular, and storylines that work on paper die onscreen. A TV show needs to be willing to roll with it, and can't be approached as a fifty hour movie.

2) If they do have 50 episodes or more written, they'll need a big deal with a channel to guarantee all the episodes air, otherwise they'll be left with a cliffhanger show whose aftermarket value is damaged. That would make George Lucas a peer of Tyler Perry, whose House of Payne sitcom got a ONE HUNDRED EPISODE order from TBS.