This Rape Van Made The Kessel Run In Less Than 12 Parsecs

A STAR WARS van is yours for just 12 grand.

I saw this last night and wasn't going to run it. I made my crack on Twitter - "Driving this van is easier than going door to door and announcing yourself as a sex offender" - and was going to let it go. Then I woke up and found the page still open and thought I really needed to share this ugly thing with more people.

The combination of scary van and Star Wars logos and imagery is sort of inspired. You would probably make something like this as a parody. I like that the guy wrote 'Star Vanrs' on the side, because there's something more authentically 70s van culture about that. 

There are a lot of pictures at the eBay listing (including some with kids already trapped inside the van), but this is the scariest one. It most speaks "She wouldn't dress like Princess Leia and now I've buried her body in the woods" to me.