The classic gangster movie becomes a series, and sidles up to the network  that brings us MAD MEN.

A Goodfellas TV series? Sure, I guess. I'm not technically against it - the film glides through so many years that there's plenty of side stories to tell - but it's all going to be, as they say, execution dependant.

With AMC picking the show up I think I feel better about the execution. The network has been bringing us high quality, good, smart dramas with excellent production values for a while now, and Goodfellas feels like it could be of a feather with Mad Men. In fact, maybe we could get a crossover! Pete Campbell makes some ill-advised bets with a Lucchese family bookie. Or maybe Jesse Pinkman could fall into a time tunnel and bring some of that Heisenberg blue shit with him back to Henry Hill's outfit.

Nicholas Pileggi, who wrote the book Wiseguy upon which the movie is based and who was the screenwriter of Scorsese's film, will be involved - possibly writing the pilot. Jorge Zamacona, who worked on Homicide: Life on the Streets and Third Watch (which was a pretty okay show) is also on to develop the series. Original film producer Irwin Winkler and son David are attached to produce.

And Marty? No word. Initial reports last year said he might be involved in some way, and I wouldn't be surprised if they threw a lot of money at him to direct the pilot, but it feels unlikely to me. We'll see.