That Time The Oscars Had A PLANET OF THE APES Dance Number

Watch Jane Fonda deal with an ape frugging up on her in this clip from the 1968 show.

The Oscars have been a weird show for some time. Usually the Oscar broadcast is three parts tedium, one part stunned disbelief at stupidity/tastelessness/bad ideas. Every couple of years we get something legendarily strange - like Rob Lowe and that Snow White dance number. 

In 1968 the Oscars decided to spice up the Best Costume category by having dancers come out wearing outfits from the nominated movies. It starts out okay, gets weird with a rock number for the costumes for Lion In Winter, gets even odder with a funky display for Oliver!, gets arty with an acid-infused Romeo & Juliet number, and then blows the hinges off with Planet of the Apes.

While the rest of the dancers came out from backstage, the Apes dancer is seated in the audience, and then gets down with presenter Jane Fonda herself. Go ape, go!