Everything Has Changed On THOR 2 Since We Last Covered It

There's a new director and a new writer and we have been too lazy to tell you about them.

Time to catch up on Thor 2!

Remember when Patty Jenkins was going to be the first female director of a Marvel movie because for some reason nobody remembered Lexi Alexander? Well, she's out and Alan Taylor, a prolific TV director with credits like Game of Thrones and The Sopranos, is in. But he isn't the only change in personnel. The studio has brought in a new writer as well.

Robert Rodat is replacing Don Payne (the guy who wrote Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and My Super Ex-Girlfriend, as well as did some work on Thor); Rodat is best known for Saving Private Ryan, probably because everything else he's done hasn't been as good. The Patriot is really his other outstanding work, if you know what I mean. 

I don't have any behind the scenes info on this one, but it looks from here like a lot of trouble in development. I wonder if anybody at Marvel Studios has a really clear idea of where to go with this one; unlike Iron Man or Captain America, Thor is low on iconic stories and villains - unless they're going to turn him into a frog. And I'm all for that. 

Thor 2 seems to be especially hard up in that Loki will have been used in The Avengers, and I'm not sure that Marvel's going to want to trot him out in three films. On top of that, the studio is cheap, so some of Thor's more cosmic stories might be too expensive. Maybe we'll finally get that Absorbing Man movie we've all been waiting for. Wrecking Crew 4eva.