Wait, Ron Paul Takes The Stage To… THE IMPERIAL MARCH?

GOP presidential candidate/racist newsletter guy Ron Paul has chosen some weird-ass campaign music. Or he's being really, really honest.

Campaign music has been a big deal the last couple of years. GOP candidates keep finding themselves getting sued by musicians who don't appreciate their songs being used (without permission) at events celebrating politicians with whom they disagree. David Byrne, Tom Petty and Jackson Browne are among the artists who have brought some level of legal action against candidates appropriating their tracks.

 Usually the appropriations make some basic sense*, but Ron Paul's new campaign song is simply bizarre. Last night the conspiracy-minded candidate came in second in the GOP New Hampshire primary, a huge showing for him. Paul took the stage to crow that he was nipping at the heels of Mitt Romney, and his choice of music was.... The Imperial March from The Empire Strikes Back

Ron Paul walked out on stage to Darth Vader's theme song.

Obviously nerds immediately sense the dissonance here, but I think the Imperial March is ingrained enough in the mass consciousness that MOST people would stop a second and wonder why Ron Paul is associating himself with THE GALACTIC EMPIRE. I can see why he would like to cast himself as a Luke Skywalker attempting  to take down the Empire, but he's chosen the way wrong song for that. 

I guess it's better than this song by Aimee Allen, which Paul has used before. The 'interesting' lyric in that song is

We don't want big government
Or the Bilderberg group that pays for it


The Federal Id means a police state
and Mr. Jefferson's rolling in his grave
when our names turn to numbers like 666
according to the gospel on implantable chips

You can listen to a report about Ron Paul's night, which includes the sound clip of The Imperial March, below. Thanks to @mtgilchrist for bringing this to my attention.

UPDATE: Apparently the Imperial March played BEFORE Paul took the stage, not as he was taking the stage. This doesn't change the fact that Ron Paul is still playing the theme song of the genocidal Galactic Empire at his rallies.

* all too often politicians only hear the chorus of a rock song. How else to explain the 1980 bill to make Born to Run the 'unofficial' state song of New Jersey, despite having these lyrics:

Baby this town rips the bones from your back
It's a death trap, it's a suicide rap
We gotta get out while we're young