Our Daily Trailer: PORKY’S

Give us this day our daily trailer! Enjoy the all-ages trailer for Bob Clark's seminal horny teen movie.

The teen sex comedy. It's existed since teens existed (so more or less since the 50s), but it wasn't perfected until the 80s. The 80s is the ultimate decade of the teen sex comedy, a steady parade of boobs and bad jokes and worse acting.

Bob Clark's Porky's is one of the more important films in the genre. Released in 1982 it rides in on the tail of the 70s nostalgia craze. By setting his movie in the 50s Clark is able to make a bunch of skeezy, sex-mad perverts feel somehow harmless - because the 50s were kinder. And gentler. 

The most famous bit in the movie is the peeping in the shower stuff, but Porky's is notable for featuring one of the earliest film roles of Kim Cattrall. It also stars Tony Ganios, who was so great in The Wanderers but never got too many roles. He showed up in Die Hard 2: Die Harder as a terrorist. And in even sadder news, Wyatt Knight, who played Tommy Turner, recently shot himself in the head because he was dying of lymphoma. 

There were two sequels, and then the franchise went dormant. Howard Stern had recently been working on a reboot of the film, but that wasn't the only Porky's activity lately. Brian Trenchard-Smith actually shot a fourth Porky's film, called either Porky's: The College Years or Pimpin' Pee Wee. It turns out that his version was never meant to be seen, and was made in an attempt to retain rights. Trenchard-Smith believes that if Stern's version ever gets made the producers of Pimpin' Pee Wee will pull that film off the shelf in order to cash in.