Buttcrack. James’ Buttcrack

The sky isn't the only thing falling in this first official still of 007's upcoming adventure.

Hey ladies. Bond's back.

I don't know if Eon has been behind on reading the comments about all the leaked Skyfall spy pics, where it's been repeatedly noted that Daniel Craig was looking a little haggard, but they've responded cannily, by releasing a lovely beefcake shot of Bond's backside.

This shot of the back of Bond's head (and delts, and glutes, and whatever else all those muscles are called) doesn't address those "Craggy Craig" concerns, but confirms a few things: even when nearly naked, the patented 007 product placement will be in effect (nice watch, Jimmy); London's Four Seasons Hotel swimming pool is featured in the film (the location is reportedly standing in for Shanghai); and Barbara Broccoli still loves her some shirtless Danny Craig. And don't we all, really? Be honest.