Stuff That Doesn’t Matter: DC Comics’ New Logo

DC is changing their logo, and nobody seems to like it.

Nerds don't like change; every change in the history of comic books - be it deaths, resurrections, logos, outfits, names, titles - has been met with immense amounts of moaning. So it's no surprise that everybody seems to hate DC Comics' new logo. But what if they're right?

Here's what DC Comics' new logo looks like:

And here's the DC Entertainment logo:

Ignoring the fact that "Entertainment" is too long for that logo, what do you think?

What's got my attention is how not-comic book these logos are. They're really blandly corporate. If you told me that was the logo for an accounting firm I wouldn't be hugely surprised. I guess the image is supposed to represent the turn of a page, but it's genericized into meaninglessness. There's just nothing here that tells me DC is a comic company (besides the title, duh. I mean if you took the name off). 

Here, courtesy of Signalnoise, is a rundown of DC's previous logos:

I grew up on that askew logo with the four stars, so that's my favorite DC bullet (as it's called). It just screams comic books to me; the newer logo was hated when revealed and while I'm not in love with it, I think it's got a pulp sensibility that I like.

Anyway, what do you think? Is DC's new logo perfect for the 21st century world of Apple-type simple design? Or is it a sign of a company inherently ashamed about what it sells?