Iran To Sell Toy Version Of Top Secret US Stealth Drone

Barbies remain outlawed, though.

In December a RQ-170 Sentinel, an unmanned aeriel vehicle used by the CIA, crashed in Iran. The Iranians recovered it mostly intact (claiming they brought it down, I shit you not, via tractor beam) and put it on display. The RQ-170 was so secret that nobody would even admit that what they had was a real US plane, but then Barack Obama politely requested they send the thing home. Iran declined.

What they WILL do is make a toy out of it. Yes, Iran will rub our noses in the fact that they have our advanced drone by making children's toys out of it. Instead of returning the actual drone they're going to send Obama one of the models, and they'll have about 70,000 models on sale in Iran for around 4 dollars American. I sense an eBay opportunity here.

As noted in the subhead while this above top secret plane will soon be enjoyed by every Iranian boy, Barbie remains banned. She's far too sassy, and too representative of Western culture. Instead Iranian girls get to play with Sara and Dara, who are properly attired in modest clothing. Maybe one day Dara can grow up to operate the tractor beams that will help Iran defeat Israel!