Our Daily Trailer: QUINTET

Give us this day our daily trailer! Snow Week continues with the trailer to Robert Altman's unwatchable Paul Newman-starring ice age movie.

Excerpts from an internal monologue:

You know, the Daily Trailer feature doesn't really get a lot of hits. If you curated the series with an eye towards popularity you could probably really nurture it into something big. Or you could run the trailer to Robert Altman's almost unknown science fiction film starring Paul Newman. A movie so bad you have never even finished watching it.

Well, here we are. And yes it's true - I have never finished watching Quintet. It's just so boring! The film is set in the future, during a new ice age, and Paul Newman gets mixed up in a deadly game called Quintet. I don't really know what happens next because I just never made it past about 40 minutes. I feel like a heathen saying that, but Quintet has defeated me on more than one occasion.

I will say this: Quintet belongs in Snow Week because it is one cold-ass movie. Altman pretty convincingly creates a world turned into an ice cube, and Newman does look pretty good in furs.

The trailer is pretty interesting, as it barely contains any footage from the film. And yet it still manages to be just as boring as the movie!

At the time of the film's release rules for Quintet were handed out in theaters - in case you wanted to have something to do while watching the movie. Those rules are enshrined online here.

I'm sort of hoping that there's an underground legion of Quintet fans, and that they'll show up in the comments.