Our Daily Trailer: AVALANCHE

Give us this day our daily trailer! Snow Week continues with Rock Hudson and Mia Farrow facing an icy doom in AVALANCHE!

The disaster craze of the 70s led to many classics. Avalanche isn't one of them. Roger Corman produced this one, which is directed by Cory Allen - no relation to disaster film legend Irwin Allen. But the name is similar! 

Rock Hudson is gruff and angry, while Mia Farrow is too classy for the joint. The film has about an hour of slow, tedious build up, but then it goes for broke with a big five minute avalanche scene. There are a lot of bad models, but many of the snow-related fatalities are at least funny. I like this trailer an awful lot because it's so quick and to the point - simple set up of the situation and then a bunch of money shots that make you hope the movie has even more to offer. And for once it actually does.