Refunds Issued Due To Lack Of Talking In Movie Theater

UK audiences deem dearth of dialogue dictates discount.

BAD likes to keep you in the know regarding the state of the war being waged between the cinephiles and the assholes. Theaters creating sections for texting. The infamous Alamo Drafthouse Texter voicemail. Jack & Jill. All important turning points in the battle, with the all too common refrain that "the assholes are winning."

Today a new report from the front lines: British audience members demanded - and were given - refunds because The Artist didn't have dialogue. As reported by THR, audience members in Liverpool were issued refunds by Odeon and UCI Cinemas after complaining they didn't realize they would be watching a (mostly) silent film.

What's interesting here is that The Artist, on its way to a big fluffy best Picture Oscar, is about to open nationwide in the States, and if I were a betting man, I'd say we're about to get a tidal wave of these reports. There was a similar screech of brakes back when Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon went wide, and audience members stormed out, claiming they "didn't pay to read a movie." I'll be curious to see if the near-certain blue-collar backlash does anything for or to the film's award prospects.