Very Great, Very Misleading Poster For WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN

Oscilloscope hopes to trick people into seeing their arty, terrific bad seed movie.

This new poster for the excellent We Need To Talk About Kevin is hugely misleading. Fashioned after Rosemary's Baby and with a touch of that [REC] night vision look, the poster indicates that Kevin is a demonic child. The quote selection furthers that impression.

But it ain't true. Not at all. While the titular Kevin is a sociopathic asshole, he's of the more earthbound variety, like the Columbine shooters and less like Damien.

Some people seem to really hate the poster, but I think it looks cool. If this were the Mondo poster for the 10th anniversary of the movie everybody would want one. Yeah it's misleading but sometimes marketing misleads - and being honest about this movie, which is tough and smart and tense - will not get butts in seats. 

Now it remains to be seen if the poster tricks people into going to the movie, and whether they get all mad that there's nothing overtly Satanic.