What’s Black, White, Blue and Yellow in This Week’s Holy Hunter of Music Videos

Check out videos from Sébastien Tellier, Trash Talk and Azealia Banks.

Upon first listen of the French singer-songwriter’s yet to be released album My God is Blue, Sébastien Tellier encourages his audience not to merely listen to the record, but instead absorb the earnest message it will no doubt deliver. Color me intrigued, Mr. Tellier. And you’re in luck because the color of intrigue is bluish -- I just have a hunch that it’s your favorite color. In the video for “Pépito Bleu” we explore a planet not unlike Avatar’s Pandora (if you replace the Na’vi with one sizable, slightly terrifying hummingbird) while the artist takes the shape of a flashy cult leader in the name of Gitanes and attempts to convert us with that age old tale about being adorned with “blue pepito cookies." You know the one. Wait, do you? Because I need to know right now what the hell a pepito cookie is.

I feel it’s important to span the spectrum here, so I’ve included something I don’t share often enough--hardcore--with the help of Sacramento-based quartet Trash Talk. Their new EP Awake sits at a modest five tracks and eight minutes long. In other words, four hundred and seventy-two seconds longer than Luke Perry pretended to die on a bull portraying Lane Frost in a biographical film about the American rodeo legend. Watch at your own risk, for Jim Dirschberger’s animated video for “Slander” contains literally an ounce of a man’s cartoon urine. Hopefully you heard it somewhere else first, but beware the dangers of radioactive mushrooms and getting some shuteye in an unsupervised alleyway.

No bells and whistles here -- the uncomplicated video for Azealia Banks’ NSFW “212” is just an essential vehicle for your first listen. And if it wasn’t the best darn use of the c-word since Macgruber’s “Dieter Von Cunthe,” I’d threaten to rinse her filthy, twenty year old mouth out with soap (again). Currently unsigned with a full album pending, she and my producer pal Machinedrum/Travis Stewart recently teamed up to unveil a nip of what’s to come. I’ll go on and apologize now for getting it stuck in your head for weeks.