Affleck Hires Screenwriter For Stephen King’s THE STAND

Rumor's that Ben Affleck has hired THE INVASION screenwriter to pen THE STAND feature.

It's still so odd talking about Ben Affleck's feature adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand as a thing that exists, although I honestly believe he'll do a great job and I'm looking forward to seeing it. Vulture has the word that Affleck's hired David Kajganich, writer of The Invasion and Blood Creek, to pen The Stand. He's shown experience with a horror flick and a viral outbreak flick (although neither was particularly successful), so it stands to reason that he can swing a horror/outbreak film. Kajganich evidently blew Warner Bros. away with his script for the newest adaptation of Stephen King's It, which certainly makes it seem that he's got all corners of The Stand well and clearly covered.

It and The Stand are both being produced by Roy Lee and Doug Davison (The Woman In BlackThe Strangers, The Departed), and hell, I'm excited. I love and own both of the original mini-series and I re-watch them periodically, but they're getting pretty damn dated at this point. I'm ready for a fresh take on two of the books I loved best as a teen. Am I alone here?