Michael Biehn Dropped By The Alamo!

The genre legend hosted ALIENS and his new film THE DIVIDE at the Drafthouse this weekend, and we've got some clips for you!

(Photo credit Jack Plunkett)

Michael Biehn, the genre legend himself, hosted Aliens and his new film The Divide at Austin's Alamo Drafthouse this weekend. Our very own April Swartz nabbed a great video interview with him, and we'll have that for you next week once it's been edited all pretty-like. In the meantime, we've got some clips from his Q&A to tide you over. 

Here, Biehn discusses his hesitance when he received the script for The Terminator and explains Bill Paxton's very specific performance choices as Hudson in Aliens:

And here, Biehn talks about his upcoming directorial debut for The Victim and Xavier Gens' directorial method on The Divide

(Both videos by Arts + Labor)

He seems like a charmingly self-deprecating dude, in addition to being a total badass. Look for April's interview next week, and The Divide expands to theaters across the country tomorrow!