Our Daily Trailer: FARGO

Give us this day our daily trailer! Snow Week continues to fall with the Coen Bros' classic. And learn about the Coen-esque true death legend surrounding the film.

There is a better trailer for Fargo on YouTube, but I like the really terrible voice over on this one. "But in a place called Fargo... anything can happen." HOLY SHIT!

What is there to say about Fargo here? Anything really insightful I would want to save for a "Best Movies Ever" feature, because this surely is one of the great movies of all time. Just watching that trailer has me itching to put in the Blu and start doing a Minnesota accent. While The Big Lebowski goes through periods of being intolerable (kind of because of its weirdly obsessive fanbase), there's never a day that wouldn't be improved by watching Fargo.

Wait, I know what to say: the film's "Based on a true story" tag has always confused people... but no one more than Tanako Konishi. The Japanese girl flew to Minnesota dressed in an unseasonable miniskirt; unable to find anyone who spoke Japanese she wandered around with a crudely drawn map that seemed to indicate where Steve Buscemi buried the million dollar ransom as everything went wrong. Eventually her body was found, frozen, by a hunter.

But was Tanako really looking for the treasure? She sent a suicide note to her parents, who received it weeks after her body was found. She was heartbroken about a failed relationship with an American, and she may have been to Minnesota before that trip - with her lover. But what's up with the map? The police officer who helped her as best he could was sure she kept saying 'Fargo.' Did Tanako decide to come and find the treasure, possibly to win her lover back, and then killed herself when she couldn't find it? Or was it all a huge misunderstanding? There's something very Coen Brothers about the whole thing.