America’s Boyfriend Paul Rudd To Return to PARKS AND RECREATION

The Knope campaign may be in trouble: Paul Rudd's here to stay.

The Knope campaign may be in trouble: Paul Rudd's here to stay. 

Vulture's got the scoop that last night's introduction to Leslie Knope's City Council opponent, Sweetums heir Bobby Newport, played by Paul Rudd, was no one-off. Rudd has agreed to stick around for at least three more episodes as the good-natured, entitled dumbass who might very well throw a wrench in Leslie's carefully planned Knope We Can campaign. 

Paul Rudd is such inspired casting, a frustratingly lovable foil to Amy Poehler's high-strung charm, the silver spoon opposite of Leslie's hard-earned political struggle. "In fact, I don't know why they call it a camPAIN. Up until now, it's been a camPLEASURE."

Showrunner Mike Schur tells Vulture that Rudd was cast via the "Poehler Doctrine"--when Leslie was meant to date a hot, dumb cop in Season Two, Poehler wanted Louis C.K. Schur told her he didn't really fit the part, and Poehler replied, "It doesn't matter. He's funny." Louis C.K. was, of course, hilarious and perfect in the role as bewildered Officer Dave Sanderson; now the agreed Parks and Rec arrangement is "just get the funniest people you can find and put them on your show." Happily for P&R fans and lovers of boyish charm across the globe, that means Paul Rudd.

The character of Newport was written for Rudd; the writers didn't try to flesh out Leslie's opponent until they'd secured the actor. He was probably pretty easy to nab, as all of the main cast have worked with Rudd on various projects, and he and Adam Scott are total BFFs, a best friendship made of rainbows and unicorns that will ever warm the cockles of my hollow, bitter heart. 

Check out the Vulture article below for lots more Parks and Recreation scoop and a great Q&A with Schur. You guys, I really love this show. You can watch last night's episode on Hulu.