Is Barnabas Collins Stalling In This New DARK SHADOWS Pic?

"We're gonna need juuuuuuust a minute or two before that trailer's ready," Johnny Depp seems to be saying in this new still.

In this photo recently tweeted by Warner Brothers (full size here), we learn a few things about Dark Shadows. One is that oh hey, Johnny Depp really does have a whole bunch of makeup slathered on, to the point that one has to assume they make a joke about it within the film (that outdoor bit with the massive amounts of sunblock). He's also got some sweet Nosferatu fingernails, which DS fans are decidedly split on. I like them, but again I have to wonder how this crazy-ass appearance is addressed in the film's otherwise "normal" world (dig the vintage Led Zeppelin poster behind Barnabas). Will it be some running joke about how rich WASP-y families don't talk about elephants in the room, or are super polite about calling out weird hygiene, or maybe never look at each other?

Speaking of elephants in the room, even casual fans are starting to wonder where the trailer, poster, or any other marketing material indicating tone might be. The hardcore DS fanbase, like any other, has so far been projecting the film they want onto these stills (though that's getting tougher with pics like the above). Once a trailer (or even a tagline-toting one-sheet) surfaces, those still hoping for a serious take will have some hard Tim Burton-flavored truths to face.

Until then, scraps! Here's an underwater ghost shot being set up (found on a British cinematography site by tenacious fans). If the film follows the series, this looks to be Barnabas' lost love Josette from the 1700s; perhaps the water is just to make her all billowy and ghost-like?