Badass Video Interview: THE DIVIDE’s Michael Biehn

April sat down and chatted with genre legend Michael Biehn.

Crucial eighties Cameron fixture and continued sci-fi/action legend Michael Biehn was no stranger to Austin, the Alamo Drafthouse and expressly the jam-packed audience before him last weekend where he did us a solid by hosting a double feature of Aliens and The Divide. Two-thousand eleven was a year of note for him, starring in the aforementioned post-nuclear attack thriller helmed by Xavier Gens (Frontier(s)) as well as donning a brand-new hat as producer/director of his recently debuting first feature under BlancBiehn Productions, The Victim.

It was past bedtime before we rounded the crew up for a conversation and I have to say he was a truly candid sport. For full disclosure's sake he came clean that I was his sixtieth or so interview and thus I spared him questions about his roles as Hicks and Kyle Reese. Not captured was a twinkle in his eye for football (which I unfortunately know nothing about unless we're talking clear eyes and full hearts).  

Check out the video below, and you can see clips from Michael's Q&A here