PUSHING DAISIES Producer & GILMORE GIRLS Scribe Combine Forces To Create Unstoppably Quirky New Show

Well, this is going to be cute.

The CW has ordered a pilot from Dan Jinks, the producer behind Pushing Daisies and American Beauty, and Jennie Snyder Urman, a writer on Gilmore Girls, called First Cut. It's a dram-com (is that a thing? Do people say that? I'm saying it.) about a new doctor who's happily leaving behind the world of school in which she was a total nerd, only to learn that being a nerdy adult in a hospital feels an awful lot like being a nerdy kid in high school. It's a cute premise, and I really do love Pushing Daisies and Gilmore Girls. Both shows had a wonderfully quirky Northern Exposure vibe, with endearingly oddball townies existing in a heightened reality, speaking impossibly quick and clever dialogue. Both shows also boasted an absolutely lovely aesthetic, very playful and theatrical, and I've always sort of lumped the two shows together in my mind (possibly because my friend Mandy hooked me on both). So I'm definitely interested in a new show springing from the braintrusts behind Pushing Daisies and Gilmore Girls

That is--as long as the Powers That Be avoid any "adorkable" traps. Make this lead character legitimately nerdy. I don't want her to be a hot chick in glasses, you hear me? Heed my words!