Witness the Struggle of Man in This Week’s Holy Hunter of Music Videos

This week, we've got videos from Active Child, Nat Baldwin and Perfume Genius.

Wait, wait. Before you wrap the soothing sounds of falsetto maestro Active Child's Pat Grossi and a babbling brook around you like a blanket and drift away into grandpa’s lucid fly fishing dream, I feel the need to prepare you for dual items. At the start of the You Are All I See standout understand: 1. The importance of being in close proximity to a commode when listening to natural water audio and 2. That there’s just no sunny ending to this T.S. Pfeffer & Robert McHugh-woven tale. English author of The Compleat Angler Izaak Walton referred to the sport itself as “The Contemplative Man’s Recreation,” which also translates to pastime of the clingy crackpot. I’m kidding -- if you’re out there just know we could all learn a thing or two about the repercussions of chasing the one that got away. CoughLisaNowakcough.

“Weights” tells the story of a unique friendship between man and his best single-toed friend, in this case Dirty Projectors' (human) bassist Nat Baldwin and an unnamed snuff-colored horse. Read: dream companionship for anyone who hand-galloped Grand Champions ‘til prune-y palmed as a kid. If unfamiliar, brief yourself in this choice internet k-hole. Willy Berliner directs as we join the distraught mammal at an estate sale he’s holding for the pal he’s wrongly believes has passed -- with every purchased item a memory of the good times. And. I. love. it.

In the video for “Hood” below, Perfume Genius (aka Mike Hadreas) finds solace in the arms of a bristly, burly gay porn star I’m sure we all recognize, Arpad Miklos. Think what you must, but with his help I’d shave at least fifteen minutes off my morning routine. And then maybe I’d shave. Hadreas himself frankly elucidated, "With this video, my boyfriend was like, 'Are you sure you want to, you know, be so gay?' But I think people are smarter than that. And if Rick in Pittsburgh or whatever isn't going to listen to my music because I'm gay, fuck it." I would also tell Rick to go to Hades if he could hear me over that Five for Fighting album he’s had in heavy rotation since 2001. Stay tuned for chiropractors rejoicing in stereo when Put Your Back N 2 It debuts this February.