Luc Besson’s ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK Rip Off LOCKOUT Looks Pretty Good

Luc Besson goes back to the days when movies were rip offs, not remakes.

At one point there was talk of John Carpenter and Kurt Russell reteaming for a third Escape film, this one to be called Escape From Earth. Luc Besson got there first. His new film (as producer/writer)  has the President's daughter (NOT the President! That would be plagiarism!) trapped inside a futuristic maximum security prison - a space station in orbit. Only one man can get in and save her and his name is Snakeow.

Guy Pearce plays Snow, and everything around him looks pretty dandy in this new trailer. I really like that Besson is just ripping off Escape From New York; this is how we used to do it, stealing concepts and reworking them, not just remaking every fucking thing on the planet. Make it your own by changing the name and some minor parts of the plot! It's the exploitation way!