Spielberg To Direct A Rough and Tumble Moses Movie

A badass Moses? Spielberg wants to do it.

How do you picture Moses? As an old guy with a big white beard and a robe? Steven Spielberg may be changing that image with a movie currently titled Gods and Kings, which tells the story of Moses in a way that insiders are calling 'Braveheart-ish.'

”There have been glossy versions of the Moses story but this would be a real warrior story,” an insider tells Deadline.

I'm in. The movie won't be shot in 3D, and will be shot on film, as that's how Spielberg rolls. Gotta love it.

Gods and Kings is at Warner Bros, and the studio has been developing the film for a while, looking for directors. The script they currently have is by Stuart Hazeldine, whose CV is pretty damn spotty - The Day The Earth Stood Still remake, Mutant Chronicles - and Michael Green, who wrote on Green Lantern and Heroes. Maybe Spielberg will get another draft going? There's time - he still has to shoot Robopocalypse