The GOP Debates Have Outlasted FREAKS AND GEEKS, FIREFLY

There have been more hours of GOP debates this season than of your favorite short-lived TV show.

This afternoon I mused on Twitter that it felt like there had been more GOP debates than episodes of Freaks & Geeks. Many people responded to tell me that my joke was completely correct; according to this list tonight was the TWENTY SECOND GOP debate. And that's just counting them as beginning in September; the current cast of assholes have been doing debates on and off since MAY of 2011. 

But wait! It isn't just 22 debates. The debates are longer than average TV episodes. My calculations (based on times listed on that previously cited site) put the total debate time (not counting tonight's) at north of 1,900 minutes. That's about 32 hour long TV episodes, 64 half hour eipsodes (I'm being generous and counting commercial breaks as part of episode length). That means the current round of GOP debates have outlasted such TV shows as


Freaks And Geeks

My So-Called Life

Police Squad!


Eerie, Indiana

Arrested Development

Actually, when it's all said and done, the GOP debates will have had more airtime than ALL JUDD APATOW-LED TV SHOWS PUT TOGETHER*. 

They will be longer than the Friday the 13th movie series, including Freddy vs Jason and the remake. And they'll be much scarier as well.

So if you're out there feeling a touch exhausted by the seemingly eternal quality of these debates, know that you're not alone. And you're not wrong. This shit will not end.

* ie, not Larry Sanders Show or The Critic, although I suspect we could squish The Critic in there. So it's Freaks and Geeks, Undeclared and The Ben Stiller Show