Kramer Dances To Skrillex

I like all memes involving SEINFELD.

This is a pretty funny little video that brings together the world of Skrillex and Seinfeld. It's actually a response video to a fairly shitty video of Kramer driving and listening to Skrillex - you can see that here, and it is not very good.

What this video really does is offer me a moment to ask: what's the big deal with Skrillex and glitch music and dubstep? I have been waiting for the next wave of music, the wave that will sound like nothing but horrible noise to my old man ears*, and I was hoping this was it. Turns out this shit just sounds like a natural progression of the dance music I was listening to in the 90s when I was doing lots of E and stuff. And the culture around it just seems like rave culture 2.0, made up of kids who were conceived at a Chemical Brothers show in 1992. As far as I can tell this stuff is to techno as Blues Traveler is to the late 60s, right? Just a warmed up version of the same old shit.

Anyway, it's a funny video. And the song isn't terrible, it's just sort of obvious.

* what new music DOES sound like just horrible noise? The scenecore shit like Brokencyde or Blood on the Dance Floor. Listen to this to about the one minute mark to get a real understanding of what the end of music really sounds like.