It’s Coming: Drafthouse Films’ THE FP Gets A Release Date

Drafthouse Films won't be all Oscar nominated foreign films. Not by a long shot.

The first Drafthouse Film was Four Lions, Chris Morris' brilliant and edgy satire of terrorism. Coming next is Bullhead, the Belgian movie that is nominated for a Best Foreign Film Oscar. Both of these are pretty high end movies, but don't think a Drafthouse Film is always going to be going for awards or getting to the heart of the conflict of our times. 

Sometimes Drafthouse Films will release a movie like The FP. Crazy, crass and very ridiculous, The FP is a film set in a semi-post-apocalyptic world where rival gangs rule the town of Frazier Park (the FP) and where beefs are settled in a deadly dance game called Beat Beat Revelation.

The FP is a divisive film; I loved it but many others will be baffled by it. You'll have a chance to make up your own mind, as the SXSW entry is finally coming to theaters. It will open March 16th (after a February 25th premiere at the Cinefamily in Los Angeles). Here are the theaters:

New York City, NY - The Village East Cinema
Los Angeles, CA - The Cinefamily
Orange County, CA - AMC Orange
Austin, TX - Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar, Alamo Drafthouse Village
San Francisco, CA - The Roxie Theater
Seattle, WA - The SIFF Theater
Portland, OR - The Hollywood Theatre
Chicago, IL - The Music Box
Cambridge, MA - The Brattle Theatre
Houston, TX - Alamo Drafthouse Cinema (locations TBA)
San Antonio, TX - Alamo Drafthouse Cinema (locations TBA)
Denver, CO - The Denver Film Center
Washington DC - AMC Hoffman
Dallas, TX - AMC Arlington
Dallas, TX - AMC Mesquite
Phoenix, AZ - AMC Arizona Center
Phoenix, AZ - AMC Westgate
Tampa, FL - AMC Veterans
Miami, FL - AMC Aventura
Atlanta, GA - AMC South Lake
Baltimore, MD - AMC Owings
Philadelphia, PA - AMC Cherry Hill
Pittsburg, PA - AMC Waterfront
Detroit, MI - AMC Forum
San Diego, CA - AMC Mission Valley
St. Louis, MO - AMC West Olive
Minneapolis, MN - Lagoon Cinema (opens 3/23)