Paul Kersey Shoots Again: DEATH WISH To Be Remade

Joe Carnahan will write and direct, so I guess Liam Neeson plays the Charles Bronson role.

What's the point of remaking Death Wish? The film is a crystalized moment in history, a look at the uneasy late periods of American urbanization, as the Industrial Revolution began to really run out of steam. It's a film that's so of its time that watching it now is shocking because of the implicit acceptance of fascism. Paul Kersey makes Dirty Harry look like a peacenik. 

Beyond the fact that the film is so much of its era, it's also a movie whose basic concept has been riffed on and ripped off so often as to render it lifeless. Hell, just a couple of years ago we had JODIE FOSTER starring in a riff on Death Wish. That shit feels exhausted.

But someone thinks this has name recognition, and Joe Carnahan is still on a testosterone high from the big opening weekend of The Grey, and I guess everybody thinks if America wants to see Liam Neeson punching wolves they'll go nuts for him shooting blacks and latinos*. Hopefully Carnahan has some sort of spin on the material. What I REALLY hope is that the official announcement (this is all technically a rumor right now) doesn't include some bullcrap about 'We're not remaking the movie, we're going back to Brian Garfield's original novel.' Because yeah, America has been waiting to see that book finally done justice.

If there is one piece of advice I can give: please get Jeff Goldblum back. He had a bit part in the original, and having him return would be a lot of fun.

* Liam Neeson is not involved as far as I know, but it's obvious they'll be going out to him. This remake fits right in his current career plan.

NOTE: the image on this article is from Death Wish 3, which is possibly the best in the series.