Sam Strange Hearts Tyler Perry With His Mouth

Listen to Sam Strange's badass podcast debut!

Last week I went on a nice vacation to the misty mountains and all-nude hot springs of Northern Taiwan. And while it was a lovely place for looking at Asian dong, it was less great when it came to reliable Internet connections.

As a result, I was unable to pimp my very first podcast experience until now. The wonderful Patrick Ripoll and Jim Laczkowski of The Director's Club Podcast invited me for a very special episode where we discussed probably the strangest director of all time: Tyler Perry, a subject near and dear to my heart.

You should listen to the episode. Then you should listen to all the other episodes. Then you should stop being a baby and watch some Tyler Perry movies. That's three demands, and if you do just one of them, my time on this planet will have some altruistic worth.

You can hear it here. My voice has a lot of echo on it because that's what happens when you live 14 hours into the future. You do not get used to it.