The Badass Video Interview: CHRONICLE Director Josh Trank

The director of the found footage superhero film explains how video games impacted his visual aesthetic.

My review of Chronicle will be coming soon, but in short I liked it. The film is well-made and the characters are strong and likable - a rarity in the found footage genre. But the movie barely qualifies as found footage; Chronicle looks as slick and well-lit as any Hollywood movie. Is that a complaint? Hard to say - I don't like the found footage genre that much, so I welcome movies where the camera moves with grace and where I can see what's happening.

But that slickness was something I wanted to address with director Josh Trank. I only had a few minutes with him (via Skype), so this interview is by no means the in-depth discussion I'd have liked it to be. Still, we touch on a couple of interesting topics, chief among which is how video games inspired the visual style of the movie. Trank is part of the filmmaking generation that is as impacted by games as by movies and TV, and the way he talks about characters controlling the film's camera like the camera in a 3rd person game makes perfect sense. 

Chronicle opens this weekend; like I said, the review is on its way! (I just have to figure out if I'm embargoed)