Where’s Your God Now: A Cool Rotoscoped Look At Mormon Beliefs

Mormon theology is pretty weird, but it's so much more excellent when set to rotoscoped animation.

All religious beliefs are inherently bizarre when you think about them, but of the major religions, Mormonism has some of the most outre stuff. And that's because big parts of it have to do with outer space (a subject any modern religion simply has to address - see Scientology as well). This cartoon, produced by I have no idea who, outlines the odd basics of Mormon belief in a way that I think is way more visually interesting than when South Park did it. 

I'm assuming this cartoon was commissioned by some sort of Christian group to mock Mormonism, but as far as I can tell from my own reading the facts on display are accurate. This cartoon is older, so some of the really bonkers shit - like the idea that black people carry the Curse of Cain - has been dialed back. In fact the Church of Latter Day Saints started allowing black men to be priests... in 1978! That might seem pretty late to you and me, but it does take God a while to travel here from his home planet to give us this information.

Expect a lot of this kind of stuff to start surfacing should Mitt Romney get the GOP nomination. I actually don't see an enormous difference between the middle right policies of Romney and the middle right policies of Obama, and I'm always up for a good groundbreaking event, so I almost welcome our first Mormon president. And I'll say this for Mormons I've met: more than any other 'Christian' group they seem to practice the morally rigorous tenets of their faith. Gotta give these guys credit for walking it like they talk it.

Thanks to The Fake Life for the link.