Attending The Super Bowl? Win a Walk On Role In COUGAR TOWN

Yes, the title of the show is stupid. The content of the show is actually funny.

Are you going to the Super Bowl? The odds are slim that anyone reading this will be there this weekend, but just in case...

The producers of Cougar Town are offering a very unique contest to anyone attending the Super Bowl (or who will be in front of the cameras at the pre- or post-game shows): if you hold up a sign that says something along the lines of 

Cougar Town returns to ABC Feb 14, 8:30 PM

and it gets on the air, you will get a walk-on role in a future episode of Cougar Town.

Yes, Cougar Town is a TERRIBLE title. And the creators of the show regret it as much as they regret killing that one hobo back in 1993. But you have to live with some things, and the terrible title is something they've learned to live with. Their therapy is creating an actually funny, sharply written ensemble comedy that celebrates the excessive drinking of alcohol - something we can all get behind. And seriously, this is Badass Digest - sometimes you just roll with the title you have.

So if you're in the stands this weekend and you have that sign and it somehow gets on air, you will be living the dream of Abed from Community

And give Cougar Town a shot. It's really good.