Los Angeles: See KILL LIST w/ Ben Wheatley Q&A Moderated By Devin!

The excellent English horror film that is really messing up people's brains is coming to Cinefamily. And I'm moderating a Q&A with director Ben Wheatley!

This Friday Ben Wheatley's Kill List is coming to the Cinefamily for a one-week run, and to celebrate the director himself is visiting the theater. All the way from England! Wheatley, who also directed the excellent crime film Down Terrace, has been blowing minds with this one. Kill List has two hit men knocking off people for a mysterious organization; what begins as a crime film morphs again and again, going from marriage drama to nightmare horror. It's not an easy film  to pin down - and it's definitely a movie where you might want to ask the director a question or two.

I'll be moderating the Q&A this Friday; Wheatley will be at the 7:30 and 10:15 shows. You can buy tickets right here. The movie is available on demand, but you should really see it in a theater if you can - and if you're in LA you can.

And check out the trailer!

Kill List (Cinefamily trailer) from Cinefamily on Vimeo.