New BULLHEAD Poster!

The Oscar nominated Drafthouse Films release gets a new poster.

I was in Sundance with the Drafthouse Films crew when the Oscar nominations came in. We were surprised and excited to find that Bullhead, the second Drafthouse Films release, was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar. To say this was a longshot was really putting it mildly, and everybody was so surprised that the Dratfhouse Films machine had to kick immediately into gear to get this film released sooner rather than later. 

Evan Husney and James Shapiro immediately went into action booking theaters, working on a trailer and designing a poster. And since I was there, I got involved. Possibly the best thing about working for a company in the Alamo Drafthouse umbrella of companies is the way that everybody pitches in and gives their own input. It's a big team, and it feels like a real team, working together to create something cool and unique.

So I especially like this poster for Bullhead because I had a (very small) hand in the creative process. I like the simplicity of the image; we had to use existing materials to create this poster and it was tough finding a picture that really got across the important elements of the film without making it look like a boxing movie. I think this poster might still carry a boxing element to it, but I also think that this image truly shows the main character's mixture of emotion and bottled violence.

Click here to see where Bullhead will be opening on February 17th.

By the way, lead actor Matthias Schoenaerts doesn't always look like this. He added 60 pounds for the role. Here's what he looked like before: