Scratch Acid Covering JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR’s Damned For All Time

The Jesus Lizard precursor takes on a song from the Jesus Christ musical.

Scratch Acid is sort of the precursor to the legendary Jesus Lizard; members David Yow and David Wm. Sims went on to form the hard rock group after Scratch Acid disbanded in 1987. Noisy, punky and great, Scratch Acid put out three albums and a greatest hits compilation. 

This track is from their second album, Just Keep Eating. If you weren't around in the 90s you might not realize that alternative culture had a brief love affair with Andrew Lloyd Weber's Jesus Christ Superstar (see Mr. Show's epic parody, for example). In fact this isn't the only alt-rock JCS cover I know; once upon a time I had an EP of a cover of the whole show done by Lower East Side musical types as part of the Loser's Lounge tribute series. I can't find that shit online anywhere - if you know where to find the Loser's Lounge JC Superstar, let me know. I'd love to listen.