A Guy Got The Poem From THE GREY Tattooed On Him

Sometimes you don't need a movie to settle in and you decide you want it immortalized on your flesh immediately after seeing it. 

Maybe you liked Joe Carnahan's The Grey, but you didn't like it as much as Jacob Saunders of Michigan who got the film's central poem tattooed on his own body. And he did it with a really unique capitalization style that will make his hastily decided tat even more of a conversation piece when he's 60, and the ink has bloomed out, creating a black blob on his arm.

I do hope Saunders at least saw the movie twice before deciding to get that tattoo. He's definitely a step ahead of the guy who got Tom Hardy's Bane tattooed on his arm after seeing nothing more than an official publicity still. 

You can follow Jake's future misadventures and questionable decision making at @JakeBSaunders!