Maybe I’m Biased, But This BULLHEAD Trailer Is Incredible

Drafthouse Films' second release, the Oscar nominated BULLHEAD, gets a trailer!

You have to forgive my excitement, but it isn't every day you get to work for a company with a movie that's nominated for an Oscar (unless you work for the Weinstein Company, but the difference here is that our movie is GOOD). Bullhead, Drafthouse Films' second release, has been nominated for the Best Foreign Language Oscar and so we're pushing this sucker into theaters as quickly as possible so you guys can get a look at it. It opens in select theaters on February 17th.

The other day the new poster debuted, and now there's a trailer. I know my opinion here is suspect - I take a paycheck from these guys - I do think this trailer is really, really fucking great. It's powerful and intense and I think it gets across the tone of the movie wonderfully. The Drafthouse Films team put this trailer together in a week, but you wouldn't know that by watching it.