Extended AVENGERS Super Bowl Ad Better Than Regular AVENGERS Super Bowl Ad

Extra Hulk action online-only!

I didn't see the Super Bowl commercial for The Avengers during the game, but I understand that it doesn't have the extra cool Hulk stuff at the end of the above embedded video. That's too bad, as it's some of the best moments in a commercial that feels a touch choked for scope. 

We get a good look at the baddies, and here they are:

I remain unable to place them within the standard Marvel Universe. They could almost be Badoon. I don't know that I could pick a Chitauri out of a line-up, so maybe it's them. And there's a persistent rumor that Marvel decided to back away from aliens and make them inhabitants of one of the Nine Worlds of Thor, so maybe we're seeing some Norse motherfuckers.

The whole thing looks sort of small. There is, as some people on Twitter noted, a TV movie vibe to the thing. I hope that's because some of the best stuff isn't ready to show yet (this is what happened with the Iron Man Super Bowl trailer, you'll recall). 

One major nitpick: whoever decided to ditch Captain America's chinstrap should be demoted. He looks goofy.