If It Wasn’t “Based On A Board Game,” We’d All Be Really Excited About BATTLESHIP

An original science fiction movie? Thats' cool! Oh wait, it takes its name from a board game? Screw that! The BATTLESHIP Super Bowl spot is here.

So here's my pet theory: if Peter Berg's Battleship had been called Pacific Theater or Alien Hell In The Pacific or something actually good, but not related to a board game, we might all be psyched about it. I mean yeah, the trailers and ads so far (including the Super Bowl spot embedded above) aren't exactly high art, but I tend to think that US Navy vs alien invasion force is a pretty cool idea for a movie. At the very least it has unique elements that interest me.

But man, Battleship. While the name may bring in brand recognition, it also makes everybody assume this is a complete fucking joke. There's no way around that; yes, we recognize the product but we then think you're out of your mind for trying to sell us that particular product. 

Now, I don't have a huge amount of inside info on the film (and it seriously could be dogshit for all I know), but what I do know is that it's a movie with a cool premise, and the aliens, as shown in the ad above, are kind of cool. Yeah, they look a bit like Master Chief, but I'll take that over the recent run of plucked chicken/crab things that we've been getting shoved down our throats. At least these aliens look like they're capable of building ships, as opposed to the weird savages of Cowboys and Aliens

I saw so many snarky comments about this ad on Twitter when it ran during the game, but I seriously think that if this was being sold as a Peter Berg original scifi film (which it basically is), everybody would be behind it. I'm choosing to be positive about this film.