JOHN CARTER Super Bowl Ad Underwhelms

Uh oh, that needed to be a lot better.

The other day Disney released a John Carter featurette that I liked a lot; it was fun, and emphasized that this movie might be a blast. But the Super Bowl ad that just ran does the exact opposite. This has been a really bipolar campaign so far, and this ad is on the low end of the spectrum, once again making us think of nothing but Attack of the Clones. Plus the ad has this weird effect where there are a dozen scenes playing at once - and they all look sort of samey, all with the same Geonosis look that turns me off so much. 

And then all those scenes pull out to reveal... the enormously generic title. If this movie was still John Carter of Mars that might have worked. Just John Carter? Snooze.

I'm really excited for the movie, and I'm maintaining huge amounts of hope, but that all comes despite the campaign so far.