Bret McKenzie Plans On Smuggling A Muppet Into The Oscars

The Oscar-nominated tunesmith may not see his Man Or A Muppet played at the Oscars, but he plans on bringing a felt friend along anyway.

I just got off the phone with Bret McKenzie, which is a bummer, since it means I didn't get to see handsome Bret McKenzie in person.  But I did get to ask him all sorts of questions about The Muppets (including finding out whether puppets even exist in the Muppetverse), and I brought up the fact that it seems as if there won't be a Best Song performance at the Oscars this year. 

"It's a shame," he told me. "It would have been really fun to get a man and a Muppet up on that stage."

"It seems pretty definite," he said when I asked if it was possible the Oscar producers might change their mind. "It didn't seem to fit into their program for the show."

But there may yet be a Muppet at the Kodak Theater during the ceremony, McKenzie said.

"Maybe I'll bring a Muppet with me, just in case. I'll put a Muppet in my pocket and I'll do it from my seat."

It's hard to believe that the Oscars can't find the time to let Muppets up on stage. What sort of an awards show is this anyway? I'll have more with Bret McKenzie soon, including his belief that the odds could never be better for him winning an Oscar... since they're 50/50.