De Palma To Direct Statham In Remake Of HEAT. The Other HEAT.

Brian De Palma teams up with William Goldman to remake a Burt Reynolds movie.

When you think Heat you probably think Michael Mann, but Burt Reynolds got there first. 1986's Heat is based on a William Goldman novel, but it's pretty much terrible and was a hugely troubled production. Goldman hates the movie, and it's definitely not one of Burt's highlights. 

Now Goldman's getting a new crack at it. Brian De Palma will be directing a new adaptation of the novel, and Jason Statham will be taking the Burt Reynolds role (but who gets the Peter MacNichol part? Do we have a modern Peter MacNichol?). Here's the premise:

Statham plays the recovering gambling addict who makes his living providing protection on the rough edges of the gambling world. When a female friend is beaten by a high-rolling mobster, the enforcer kicks some ass and gets in over his head.

I think Reynolds' output could stand a reevaluation - he truly was a charismatic leading man - but I think Heat is a pretty perfect movie to remake, as it wasn't that good the first time through.