Goddamn Camper! Photos Of Sniper’s Nest At The Super Bowl

The Giants were going to win... no matter what.

I would have watched the Super Bowl this year if I believed there was the possibility of more one-shot kills.

The photo above has been circulating online, including at America's Most Trusted News Source, 4Chan, and seems to show a sniper's nest at this weekend's Super Bowl. It seems crazy and excessive, but the Super Bowl is THE live event of the year, and that stadium was packed with celebrities, business tycoons and politicians. It's a helluva target, as Sum of All Fears and Black Sunday have shown us.

Some people seem to be upset about these images, but I don't really have a problem with it. I guess I've internalized the militarization of our particular police state; it all started when I got used to seeing cops with machine guns in New York City. I was at a WTO protest in DC where there were snipers on the rooftops - that was sort of weird. But the reality is that at an event like the Super Bowl the ability to quickly take a crazy person out is necessary. And kind of cool.

Of course the evil of snipers was best demonstrated in Drafthouse Films' Four Lions (embed coming).