Owen Wilson And Vince Vaughn Trying To Recapture That Magic With INTERNS

The WEDDING CRASHERS duo reteam for a high concept comedy about the bad economy.

A couple of years ago it seemed like Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson could be the new Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau. Wedding Crashers was a huge smash, and they were on the top of the world. Then they made an endless series of bad movies (separately), Vince Vaughn began gaining mass from nearby stars and Owen Wilson tried to kill himself. Times was tough. Times was tough.

But there's been a glimmer of hope for these two. Wilson made a pretty good comeback in Midnight in Paris, to say nothing of Marley and Me (a movie where he essentially rode the dog to victory, but it was no Drillbit Taylor or You, Me and Dupree). And Vaughn had a big hit in the awful Couple's Retreat (although he faltered again with the awful The Dilemma, so it's not quite smooth sailing for this tightly packed man). Now they hope to regain that Wedding Crashers magic by reteaming for a buddy comedy with a sitcom premise, this time called Interns.

In Interns Vaughn and Wilson will play two 40somethings who get downsized. The bad economy leads them  to trying their hand at a big Google-like tech company, where they begin as interns. They're not only competing with a bunch of young kids, they're competing with each other! I bet their friendship takes some lumps, only to be strengthened on the other side. I also bet there's a hot young intern who tempts Owen Wilson away from his marriage. 

Fatigued yet? How about if I tell you that Shawn Levy is directing? While I really, truly like Real Steel, the idea of Levy doing another brightly lit comedy whose title will be in red block caps on the poster fills me with nothing more than dread.

Wake me up when Vince Vaughn is getting Kevin James and Horatio Sanz together for a remake of Disorderlies.