THE BOURNE LEGACY Trailer Goes Beyond Jason Bourne

Meet the new Bourne, not the same as the old Bourne.

I quite like the trailer for The Bourne Legacy, the continuation of the Bourne series post-Matt Damon. I like the opening bits, where a piece of the image is always missing. The second half of the trailer promises that those missing pieces are being replaced, and that we'll finally see the whole picture hinted at in the previous Bourne films.

Of course that raises the question of whether we even need to see that whole picture. I liked the Bourne trilogy because it ended up being about a character more than anything else. My curiosity about Treadstone and all of that is largely sated now. Still, I like what I see in this new trailer. And it does raise a new question: am I supposed to think that Jeremy Renner's character is, in some way, superhuman? What's up with the bit about his fast healing?

Here's the trailer:


And the one sheet: