Uncover Ethan Embry’s Dark Secret in This Week’s Holy Hunter of Music Videos

Dig videos from Miike Snow, HIFANA and Aaron Embry.

I’ll be honest and say I’ve had trouble sleeping alone in a new house lately. And the video for Stockholm-based electro-pop group Miike Snow’s lead single “Paddling Out” is partially responsible for sinking the SS Carefree Snooze. In a bold effort to hatch an ideal male specimen, a handful of pancake drunk minors time travel from an unrevealed planet (apparently frozen in 18th century times) to practice junkyard medicine and perform autopsies by way of unsterilized chainsaw. In their defense, you should always expect the worst when a pair of heinous golden-buckled leprechaun heels mysteriously land at your feet. Keep your eyes peeled for the diagram behind them at the 2:20 mark. I’ve gathered and agree that The Perfect Human is actually just Noel Fielding.

Japanese duo HIFANA, along with their knack for spawning obscure breakbeats, may have flown under your radio--unless of course you caught their ludicrously cool Nike commercial back in 2010. I rarely acknowledge YouTube comments, as I’m positive they’ve shaved at least four perfectly content years off of our lives. So you won’t be alarmed when the earnest fashion in which this one was written takes another: “japan shoes make music because are radio acrive [sic] 1000%”. I regret that I’ll keep that in mind. In any case, their latest animated graffiti-style offering for the track “Wake Up” wholly exhibits their all-around frenetic style.

Hold onto your butts with both hands, because I’ve uncovered a dark secret of Ethan Embry’s (nope, not Celeste in the City). Before I realized the connection, his unheard of eldest brother Aaron Embry tugged my ticker with the stripped-down ballad “Your Heart and Mine." Often taking a back seat while producing other venerable musicians’ work, his solo ventures are just too few and far between -- bask in them. That’s a direct order. He reminds me a bit of Eric Roberts in the following video, but that could always be a recurring Star 80 mirage I never wanted to tell anyone about.