I Find This STAR TREK Tattoo Disturbingly Sexually Appealing

She has one good boob, one evil boob.

I have these occasional periods where I want to get tattoos. So far it's never quite panned out, although I've gone as far as getting drunk and showing up at a tattoo parlor (the artist told me the tat I wanted would look good for about two years and then go to shit, so I opted out). All of my tattoo ideas are painfully geeky, the sort of tattoos that are deserving of a good wedgie. But none are like.... this.

What drives such a tattoo? And why am I sort of turned on by it? 

Perhaps weirdest is that she has not gotten Kirk and Spock but rather Spock and Mirror Universe Spock, rendering one of her boobs forever evil. And does she have other tattoos? What's on her butt cheeks? Does she have the Doomsday Machine on her pubic area?