Jay-Z & Kanye West Get Cray in Seizure Inducing New Video

The Throne find themselves and 20,000 others in the new music video for "Niggas in Paris".

When a music video opens with a warning that "this video has been identified to potentially trigger seizures" you know you're in for a real treat. And when that music video is the second one off the modern masterpiece of an album "Watch The Throne" you know the seizures are going to be worth it.

Using concert footage from their Staples Center performance, where they apparently performed this song 10 times in a row, Jay-Z and Kanye West ball so hard over a slightly reworked "Niggas in Paris". I would assume that the strobic editing and kaleidoscopic effects were done to match the revised track and it works. What would've been a standard concert video (unacceptable by King Kanye standards) is made into a dark Caligula-esque fantasy. So turn off the lights, set the video to 1080p full screen, and enjoy a front row seat to The Throne.

It does get intense, but you've been warned.